One location:
Infinite possibilities

Parades and track days

Organize parades or track days for car enthusiasts.
Offering driving experiences where participants can test drive high-performance and exotic cars.

Teambuilding and corporate events

Organize corporate team-building events with activities such as sports driving courses, followed by a meal at the restaurant.
Offer a unique venue for corporate meetings, conferences and workshops.

Private events

Rent the space for private parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries or family reunions.
Offer customizable packages including track time, catering and bar services.

Motor-show and boutique car expo

Organize car shows and exhibitions to present classic cars, luxury vehicles or uniquely designed cars.
Cooperate with car clubs or manufacturers for special events.


Rent the space as a location for photographic or filming, especially for content related to the automotive industry.

Music & live performances

Organize live music performances or entertainment events at the bar or outdoor areas.
Create themed evenings with musical genres that complement the atmosphere.

Driving courses and experiences

Offer courses or driving experiences for beginners interested in improving their driving skills.
Include educational components on car maintenance, safety and performance.

Theme Parties

Organize themed parties or costume events, taking advantage of the unique setting.
Consider themes related to racing, classic cars or Italian culture.


Collaborate with local charities for fundraising events, using the venue for auctions, dinners, or charities.

Wellness retreats

Offer wellness retreats with fitness classes, yoga sessions and healthy catering options.
Use the track for running or cycling events.

Wine & food tasting

Plan tasting events of local Tuscan wines at the bar or in the restaurant.
Combine wine tasting with a culinary experience.

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